Paradigm begins each new venture with a simple question: Will this project improve the site, enhance the neighborhood, benefit the community, and leave the world better off than if we did nothing at all? In instances where we have taken on the challenge of cleaning up environmentally contaminated development sites, or provided new, energy-efficient housing in markets served only by outdated and nearly unlivable apartments, or promoted alternative transportation by providing urban living environments closer to the workplace, we think the answer is a resounding yes.

Our entire team is deeply committed to reducing our carbon footprint with each new project. This commitment has resulted in Paradigm achieving some noteworthy benchmarks. For example; our Westgate building holds a LEED Platinum certification, the Pearl achieved LEED Gold certification, three projects were built to achieve Earth Advantage certification, and two buildings generate solar power. Our goal for all future projects is to achieve LEED Gold certification, or better.

Green building isn’t just good for the environment; it is good for those who live in the buildings in two important ways.

First, green building places an emphasis on indoor air quality. The result is cleaner air, healthier homes and less susceptibility to mold, which is a common problem in the Pacific Northwest. For example, we use state-of-the-art Heat Recovery Ventilation (HRV) systems that circulate fresh air throughout a building while at the same time preserving cooled air in the summer and warm air in the winter. The benefit is fresher air and less demand on heating and air conditioning systems, resulting in lower utility bills and improved quality of life in the indoor environment.

Second, energy costs for our tenants are lower because our buildings are well insulated and more energy efficient. Our projects are constructed using the latest in insulation and weather proofing technology, a must in our frequently cold and wet Pacific Northwest climate. We use high-end Energy Star-rated appliances and mechanical systems. LED lighting is used wherever possible. And, we design our buildings to take advantage of the natural elements of water, wind, and sunlight. All of this helps reduce our carbon footprint, and results in buildings that are more comfortable and affordable to live in.

Our commitment to making the world a better place extends beyond our work in the development field.

Paradigm believes strongly in giving back to the communities where we live and work. To that end, our team devotes meaningful time and resources to non-profit organizations that provide opportunities for children and adults to lead rich, fulfilling lives. These organizations include Cornerstone Community Housing, ShelterCare, The Shedd Institute for the Arts, CASA of Lane County, Courageous Kids, BRING Recycling, the UO Foundation, Duck Athletic Fund, Planned Parenthood and Kidsports just to name a few.

University of Oregon Giving

Paradigm founder and president Dan Neal was recently recognized by the University of Oregon for his contributions to academic programs and the expansion and renovation of the Erb Memorial Union.

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