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Sharon is the nerve center of Paradigm Properties, the keeper of the keys and the organizational guru. Her international background prepared her well for the diverse range of tasks she has mastered during tenure with Dan Neal which began in 2002. Her upbringing included stints in the UK, Australia, South America and secondary education in Yokohama, Japan before moving to Eugene, Oregon to attend the University of Oregon. Not content with the great distance she traveled growing up, Sharon found another outlet for her genetic tendency to go places: distance running. She has run dozens of races from half marathons to marathons to ultras, including a 50 mile run, occasionally finishing at or near the top of her age category. Her tenacity is well disguised in her office interactions. Sharon’s calm, fluid manner and easy smile puts folks at ease and creates a pervasive, sincere feeling of being welcome. In this way, she sets a pitch perfect tone for Paradigm Properties.