Dan Neal

Dan Neal

"There are many formulas to success, but the key ingredients are always creative energy and a tolerance for risk."

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Dan is an energetic guy who loves to create. These days, most of his creative energy focuses on building projects. From 2008 until 2014, he completed 10 architecturally distinctive green building projects with more on the way. Dan started investing in real estate at the age of 22, but didn’t foresee that at some point he would trade his first career, trial attorney, for a second career in real estate development. Dan responded to a calling he felt after developing his first batch of projects in 2008 and 2009 – he found that he loved the design process and confessed to being a lifelong “closet architect”. With the advent of green building, Dan embraced construction as a way to support the environment.

Once just a local company, Dan and his team are now working on larger scale housing and mixed use projects throughout the Pacific Northwest. He recently formed a strategic partnership with senior housing specialists and is now developing innovative senior care communities.

Over the years, Dan’s pursuits have included competitive distance running, being a professional musician and recording artist, flying, coaching youth sports and international travel. Dan still finds time to play stringed instruments on a daily basis and has performed for folks, often using his improvisational skills, in diverse locations around the world.

Dan is proud of his heritage as a fifth generation Oregonian. He and his wife Peggy enjoy family time with their children and first grandchild. They contribute to many organizations and serve on a variety of non-profit boards.